The Fuffle Squad Brickfest

For Club des petits déjeuners - Breakfast Club of Canada by mssekky

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The Fuffle Squad Brickfest


About the charity stream

My first Charity Stream will be an awesome adventure of 12 hours of Minecraft to reach The End! I'll be getting help from my Coworker and my Boss to prepare for this epic ending. I’ve never reached The End of Minecraft by myself, so it's going to be fun! 

Donations are going directly to The Breakfast Club of Canada to help provide kids with breakfast so they can learn with their belly full! 

$3 = 1 breakfast

$15 = Feed a child for a WEEK

$60 = Feed a child for a MONTH

$495 = Feed a child for a YEAR 

Each donor enters in a Give Away automatically. Some games like Hollow Knight, Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's The Division, Warhammer, Assassin's creed, etc. will be drawn among the donors! GOOD LUCK!

Crowd control

To use the crowd control feature, you must create an account first! Once you’re logged in and make a donation, points will be attributed to your account so you can spend them on crowd control. $1 = 100 points! Have fun!